GEM-2 combined snow and ice thickness during a floe-scale walk on station PS81/506_GPS1


Combined snow and ice thickness from a multifrequency electromagnetic induction instrument (GEM-2), see Hunkeler et al. (2015) for details.

Coordinates:============X and Y coordinates are relative to a GPS base station installed on each floe. Coordinates were determined using post-processing kinematic GPS (PPK-GPS), and corrected for floe ration and drift. Coordinates of measurements inside the laser scanning area were particularly carefully processed to collocate measurements as accurately as possible (within a few cm). The vertical height above sea level in the TLS data was determined by using reflectors on poles. Upon installation of these reflector poles, the ice was drilled through and the height of the reflector above sea level was determined. For details, see Wever et al. (2021).On the floe scale walk, magnaprobe coordinates have been equally processed as in the laser scanning area. However, for the GEM-2 instrument, the position of the magnaprobe was taken for the corresponding time stamp in the GEM-2 data. Since the GEM-2 instrument was following the Magnaprobe surveyor with a few m distance, this leads to less precise positioning. However, the GEM-2 instrument also has a footprint of similar order of magnitude (see Hunkeler et al., 2015).Coordinate reference points:============================All coordinates are relative to GPS base station 1, in a local coordinate system where X and Y coordinates align with easting and northing, respectively, from the respective UTM Zone at a specific point in time. The respective coordinates of GPS base station 1 for this dataset are:For PS81/506: Location of GPS base station 1, July 12 2013, 2000 UTC:WGS84 : latitude=-67.19689 longitude=-23.15692UTM Zone 27S : northing=2545052 easting=406729

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Creator Wever, Nander; White, Seth; Hunkeler, Priska A; Maksym, Ted; Leonard, Katherine C
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2021
Funding Reference National Science Foundation, OPP 1142075; National Science Foundation, OPP 1341513; Swiss National Science Foundation, P2ELP2_172299; Swiss National Science Foundation, PZ00P2_142684
Rights Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International;
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Size 22080 data points
Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (-23.157 LON, -67.197 LAT)