High-resolution mapping of ice cover changes in over 33,000 lakes across the North Temperate Zone


Widespread reductions in lake ice have been detected recently worldwide, yet spatially detailed characterization of global lake ice is currently unavailable. Using 0.55 million Landsat satellite images from 1985 to 2020, we provide the first long-term wall-to-wall mapping of lake ice cover over the entire Northern Temperate Zone, comprising >33,000 lakes representing 48% of the global lake area in total.

ICO_P1 to ICO_P4 (in percentage) are the ICO values of the four-time periods: 1985-1998 (P1), 1999-2006 (P2), 2007-2014 (P3) and 2015-2020 (P4). The lake-specific features (i.e., Hylak_id, lake_name, Country, Continent, Lake_area, Shore_len, Shore_dev, Vol_total, Depth_avg and Elevation) are from the HydroLAKES database [Messager et al., 2016, https://doi.org/10.1038/ncomms13603]. The lat and lon represent the centroid of a lake within the HydroLAKES's boundary.

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