Raster grids of eight bogs in North America, Europe, Borneo, and New Zealand


This dataset contains surface elevation rasters in GeoTIFF format for eight bogs in North America, Europe, Borneo, and New Zealand. Each raster in the dataset gives surface elevations either derived from LiDAR data, or remapped from Poisson's equation using the method described in the paper. Rasters are labeled by the bog name used in the paper, then by the raster type: "lidar" for bog morphology derived from airborne LiDAR data; "remapped" for bog morphology approximated by Poisson's equation transformed by a scalar function, as described in the paper; "remapped_from_transect" for bog morphology recovered from elevations along a transect through the bog; or "transect" for the subsample of LiDAR-derived elevations used to construct the remapped-from-transect morphology. The map projection and resolution are included in each raster via standard GeoTIFF metadata; the projections used were EPSG:6337 for Hamilton Bay (Alaska, USA), EPSG:26915 for Lost River (Minnesota, USA), EPSG:2959 for Milot (Quebec, Canada), EPSG:26919 for Great Cranberry Island (Maine, USA), EPSG:3067 for Reksuo (Finland), EPSG:3301 for Valgeraba (Estonia), EPSG:5247 for Mendaram (Brunei), and EPSG:2193 for Kopuatai (New Zealand).

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Creator Cobb, Alexander R; Dommain, René; Yeap, Kimberly; Cao, Hannan
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Publication Year 2021
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