Response of benthic communities to trawling cessation in the German Bight (North Sea, 2003-2004)


Makrozoobenthos of soft-bottom benthic communiy was collected by van-Veen grabs and beam trawls to sample the infauna and epifauna. Samples were collected between 2003 and 2004 in spring, summer and autumn each year. Benthic data were collected in the North Sea, German Bight off the East Frisian Coast. Benthic community was evaluated for potential changes after cessation of bottom trawling. In July 2003, the research platform FINO 1 was built as a pilot project for future offshore wind farms. The platform is located at 28 m water depth in the German Bight, 45 km off the Island Borkum. The surroundings of the platform (500 m radius) are closed for all shipping activities (except scientific activities) and are thus protected from trawling activities. Two zones beyond the 500 m radius, 9 km apart from the protected area in north-western and eastern direction were chosen as reference sites. Sampling follwed a BACI-design (before-after-control-impact), i.e. comparing the protected area to the further trawled areas. In both areas, protected and trawled area, sampling of the benthic community was carried out with “RV Heincke” during 2 periods. The first sampling period, defined as “pre-closure”, includes two sampling campaigns: one campaign 3 months before and one campaign 2 weeks after fishery closure of protected area (March/April and July/August 2003). “Post-closure” sampling was also carried out in two campaigns: one campaign in July/August and one campaign in September/October 2004, i.e. 12-14 months after fishery closure of protected area. Data for each campaign comprise different stations in the area, sampled by grab samples (infauna) and beam trawl samples (epifauna). Biodiversity data of species include abundance (count data) and biomass (wet mass, g) per sample, as well as sediment grain sizes, organic carbon, total carbon, nitrogen and sulfur content as accompanying environmental data.

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Creator Dannheim, Jennifer; Schröder, Alexander; Brey, Thomas; Knust, Rainer; Mintenbeck, Katja; Arntz, Wolf E
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2022
Funding Reference Fifth Framework Programme, Q5RS 2002 00787
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Spatial Coverage (6.442W, 54.006S, 6.729E, 54.079N); German Bight
Temporal Coverage Begin 2003-03-18T02:27:42Z
Temporal Coverage End 2004-09-27T16:14:06Z