Adults with Learning Difficulties in England, 2003-2004


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This study, the first national survey of adults with learning difficulties conducted in England, was commissioned by the Department of Health. It took place between July 2003 and October 2004 and involved interviews with almost 3,000 people aged 16 years and over, with learning difficulties. The survey focused on what life is like for people with learning difficulties, including where they live and with whom, what they do during the day, and their needs, wants and aspirations. The survey also collected respondents' views on the support received. The survey was preceded by a feasibility stage and full 'dress rehearsal' in 2002-2003 to determine the best approach to identifying individuals in the 2-3% of the population with a learning difficulty (previously known as a 'learning disability' or 'mental handicap'). A number of sources were used to ensure that all those in receipt of services were covered. The feasibility stage also helped ensure that the design of the survey was accessible and inclusive. The survey was conducted by a consortium led by BMRB Social Research, which included Lancaster University and Central England People First (a self-advocacy group run by and for people with learning difficulties).

Main Topics:

Topics covered included demographics, housing/household support needs, privacy, support at home, caring responsibilities, income, employment, education and training, health, leisure, social relationships and networks, access and involvement (including transport), crime, support services and initiatives, and life satisfaction.

Those in supported accommodation were recruited through random selection of service providers on th

Face-to-face interview

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