Multibeam data (bathymetry and backscatter, 10x10m) with ground-truthing stations


The dataset contains multibeam-derived data and physical and imagery ground-truth data collected with RV Sanna during a 10-day survey in September 2018 in the Disko Bay pilot study area, Western Greenland. The area covers c. 600 km2 in a c. 30x20 km box and the survey combined continuous multibeam data acquisition with intermittent stops for collection of ground-truth data. The aim of the study was to generate the first high-resolution benthic habitat map from Greenland and develop 'best practice' protocol for seafloor mapping in the Arctic. The mapping was carried out using integrated analyses of multibeam bathymetry and backscatter data, and ground-truth data including video sled (14 transects), drop camera (17 deployments) and day grab (17 samples). Table S1 presents all ground-truth data along with corresponding measurements and analyses used in the Disko Bay pilot study, whereas Figures S2-S3 show the gridded multibeam data, bathymetric and backscatter grids (ASCII ESRI; 10x10 m resolution).

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