Effects of soil management on vineyard inter-row vegetation cover and plant species richness in nine German vineyards, assessed in autumn 2017


Vegetation cover and number of plant species were recorded in nine experimental vineyards in the Rhein-Hesse area, Germany. Each vineyard exhibited four experimental plots with different soil management types (complete cover, herbal seed mixture cover, alternating tillage, and complete tillage).Plant species as well as the total cover of vegetation was assessed visually by using a wooden frame of one square meter (0.5 x 2 m) in two neighboring inter-rows in each plot of each vineyard. The assessment was done in spring and autumn in two subsequent years (2016, 2017). The present table shows the data for the period 'autumn 2017'.

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Publication Year 2022
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Spatial Coverage (7.973W, 49.821S, 8.354E, 49.947N); Rhein-Hesse, RP, Germany
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