Lipid biomarker indices of sediment core HE519_2-3


Lipid biomarker indices:- Carbon preference index (CPI) calculated after Bray and Evans (1961) - Branched and Isoprenoid Tetraether (BIT) Index calculated after Hopmans et al. (2004) - Terrestrial aquatic ratio of fatty acids calculated after Meyers (1997) - fmarine is based on the bulk sedimentary radiocarbon signatures obtained by AMS. The contribution of fmarine to sedimentary TOC was calculated using an isotope mass balance. For the estimation two endmembers were used:1) Fossil carbon (F14C=0) – OC derived from the local bedrock2) Recently synthesized carbon (F14C~1) – OC derived from primary production in the water column. Detailed F14C-values were taken from surface DIC age model, depending on the year of sediment deposition (based on Pb+Cs age model)

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Creator Ruben, Manuel Jannis ; Hefter, Jens ; Schubotz, Florence ; Geibert, Walter ; Butzin, Martin ; Gentz, Torben ; Grotheer, Hendrik ; Forwick, Matthias ; Szczuciński, Witold ; Mollenhauer, Gesine (ORCID: 0000-0001-5138-564X)
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2022
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