(Table 2) The mean abundances of silicoflagellates of each group from IODP Exp302


Sediment depth is given in mbsf.Blank fields = <1 %.I = from 302-M0004A-11X-4, 48-50cm (302.31 mbsf) to 302- M0002A-59X-2, 116-118cm (257.26 mbsf).ll = from 302-M0002A-58X-4, 56-58cm (254.68 mbsf) to 302-M0002A-57X-2, 14-16cm (244.87 mbsf).III = from 302-M0002A-56X-3, 116-118cm (242.90 mbsf) to 302-M0002A-55X-2, 14-16cm (235.24 mbsf).IV = from 302-M0002A-54X-1, 32-34cm (230.32 mbsf) to 302-M0002A-52X-1, 14-16cm (221.08 mbsf).V = from 302-M0002A-50X-1, 136-138cm (216.36 mbsf) to 302-M0002A-50X-1, 56-58cm (215.56 mbsf).VI = from 302-M0002A-49X-4, 76-78cm (213.92 mbsf) to 302-M0002A-48X-2, 136-138cm (208.36 mbsf); from 302-M0002A-47X-2, 116-118cm (203.42 mbsf) to 302-M0002A-47X-2, 56-58cm (202.82 mbsf).VII = 302-M0002A-48X-2, 96-98cm (207.96 mbsf), 302-M0002A-47X-3, 56-58cm (204.32 mbsf).VIII = from 302-M0002A-48X-2, 14-16cm (207.14 mbsf) to 302-M0002A-48X-1, 36-38cm (205.86 mbsf).IX = 302-M0002A-49X-5, 14-16cm (210.16 mbsf), 302-M0002A-49X-4, 96-98cm (214.12 mbsf), 302-M0002A-47X-4, 136-138cm (206.63 mbsf), 302-M0002A-47X-4, 56-58cm (205.83 mbsf), and 302-M0002A-47X-3, 116-118cm (204.92 mbsf).

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