Influence of simulated ocean warming on food consumption rates in the sea urchin species Paracentrotus lividus


This experimental study investigated the effects of ocean warming on food consumption rates in the sea urchins Paracentrotus lividus from Madeira Island to assess how the feeding pressure they exert may change under warmer ocean conditions. Over the course of25 days, 180 individuals of each species were exposed to temperatures between 22 °C and 31 °C in the laboratory. After 20 days, consumption rates were assessed in 48-h feeding trials. Data contain information about place and time of the animal collection as well as laboratory experiment and information about temperature regimes, and food consumption rates of Paracentrotus.

GAME project

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Creator Lenz, Mark; Roma, Joana; Schertenleib, Katrin; Ramalhosa, Patricio; Gestoso, Ignacio; Canning-Clode, Joao
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2021
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