Precursor synthesis route to Ce/Zr-MOFs


Structure and exact stoichiometry of microcrystalline, molecular {CexZr6-xO4(OH)4} clusters with different Ce/Zr ratios will be determined employing Ce and Zr K-edge EXAFS. In addition, their solubility and stability in methanol solvents at elevated temperature will be verified. Combined XRD and Ce-K-edge XAS studies will allow to follow in situ the direct incorporation of the {CexZr6-xO4(OH)4} precursors into the 3D metal-organic frameworks through ligand exchange reactions. The overall goal is to demonstrate that Ce/Zr-MOFs with well-defined stoichiometries can be synthesized with pre-made hexanuclear clusters, which would allow us to tune the electronic and catalytic properties for possible applications in (photo-) catalysis.

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Creator Christoph MEIER; Kirill LOMACHENKO; Niklas RUSER; Norbert STOCK ; Diletta MORELLI VENTURI; Bastian ACHENBACH
Publisher ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
Publication Year 2026
Rights CC-BY-4.0;
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Resource Type Data from large facility measurement; Collection
Discipline Particles, Nuclei and Fields