Multiscopo ISTAT – Aspects of daily life – Module on Use of Information and Communication Technology (2008)

The Module on Use of Information and Communication Technology is part of the Aspects of daily life survey since 2005, and it is defined and harmonized by Eurostat in order to make a European comparative research. The survey concerns the use of information and communication technologies (ITC) in the Italian population. The main topics of the survey are: - possession of ITC and Internet access at home; - the causes for the absence of the access to the Internet at home; - frequency and place of use of personal computer; - frequency and place of use of  internet; - internet activities; - involvement in learning activities via internet (e-learning); - interaction via Internet with sites of public institutions (e-government); - internet use in order to contact health institution, medical people or to obtain health information (e-health); - commerce and type of goods purchased online (e-commerce); - security internet issues; - Information technology skills level (e-skills).

about 48.000 individuals and 19.000 families. Two-stage stratified random sample

face to face interview

self-administered questionnaire

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