Till and glaciomarine surface sediments of Hudson Strait


Till and glaciomarine sediments: Samples of till and glaciomarine sediments collected above present sea level were analyzed from three areas of Hudson Strait. The latitude and longitude for the sites are included, if known. Samples from the outer NE coast of Hudson Strait (coast of SE Baffin Island) were collected by Miller (Miller, 1980; Miller et al., 1988). Till and glaciomarine samples from the central northern Hudson Strait coast (Big Island) were collected by Manley (Manley, 1995; Manley, 1996). Finally, till samples from Akpatok Island and the Labrador Trough were provided by Dr J.T. Gray (Gray, 2001; Gray and Lauriol, 1985). Where possible the sites are identified by their latitude and longitude but for several this information was lost during building moves.

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Spatial Coverage (-72.012W, 60.281S, -65.070E, 63.129N); Hudson Strait