(Table 4) Nannofossil occurrence at DSDP Hole 57-438A


Abundance abbreviations: Abundant (A) = 10-100 specimens per field of view; Common (C) =1-10 specimens per field of view; Few (F) = one specimen in 1-10 fields of view; Rare (R) = one specimen in 10-100 fields of view. The preservation states of nannofossils are designated as follows: G = Good preservation, little or no evidence of etching, dissolution, or overgrowth. All specimens readily identifiable. M = Moderately good preservation, slight etching or overgrowth which has destroyed or obscures delicate structures and ornamentation. Most specimens readily identifiable. P = Poor preservation, a majority of specimens strongly etched or overgrown, often fragmented. Diversity is low and species identification often difficult.

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