Uranium-series age, isotope concentrations and ratios from L. pertusa fragments from surface sediment samples from the Namibian coral mounds


Uranium-series age, isotope concentrations and ratios from Lophelia pertusa fragments from surface sediment samples collected during the M122 ANNA cruise off Namibia. *Measured 234U/238U activity ratios (δ234Um) are presented as deviation permil (‰) from the equilibrium value. Decay corrected 234U/238U activity ratios (δ234Ui) are calculated from the given ages and with λ234U: 2.8263 x 10-6 yr-1. Agecor Corrected ages, according to Frank et al. (2004) and Wefing et al., (2017). n.d.: not determinable because lower than the analytical blank (<0.003 ng/g). For GeoB20572-4 and 20579-1, two L. pertusa fragments were collected from the bulk sample for dating: ' sample 1; '' sample 2.

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