Vakantiegangers en autobezitters 1981 Holiday-makers and car-owners 1981

Examination of the possibility to make an effective and efficient split up of the market of ( potential ) members of the Royal Dutch Touring Club ( ANWB ) into three segments. ( 1 ): Holidays and recreation. ( 2 ): Buyers of motor-cars. ( 3 ). Motorists / description of holiday trips made destination, periods, transport, overnight stays, arrangements made, persons involved / activities, information gathered, sources of information, travel documents, guides, insurances, satisfaction with holiday trips / changes in holiday plans / preferences and wishes regarding holidays in general / memberships of environmental organizations, clubs / attitude towards environment, pollution, environmental movements, preservation of documents, town planning / need for security / possession and use of bicycles / walks in country / sports- participation / making day-trips destination, transport / making use of ANWB-services / motives for ANWB-membership / wishes regarding activities and policy of ANWB / type of car motives to buy specific type, information gathered about car before purchase / interest in cars in general, attitude towards use of car regarding environment, costs, risks, upkeep, image / being informed about cars in general sources of information. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ education/ social class/ consumption of durables/ organizational membership.

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