Diatom-inferred snow accumulation models for BAIK38 (BAIK94-38A) using uncorrected and corrected relative abundance data of five dominant phytoplankton species.


Diatom-inferred snow depth reconstructions for BAIK38 using uncorrected taxa (Fig. 5a–c) show similar trends throughout the study period, with all or only five taxa in the model; snow depth levels are marginally higher in zone 2 in comparison to zones 1 and 3. However, error values are large in comparison to the changes observed. The snow depth reconstruction using corrected diatom abundances (Fig. 5d) shows a somewhat different response. Low values characterise the period coincident with the MWP (between c. 880 AD and c. 1180 AD), which increase into the LIA, reaching peak depths between 1500 and 1775 AD. After then, snow depth values decline to their lowest values in this study by c. 1900 AD. In recent decades, snow depth values appear to increase slightly again up to the top of the core dated at 1994.

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