Familie-enquête Nederlandse bevolking 1992-1993 Netherlands Family Survey 1992-1993

The "Familie-enquête Nederlandse bevolking 1992-1993" ( Netherlands Family Survey 1992 - 1993 ) is a dataset on socio-economic characteristics and family background of spouses ( as well as a subsample of singles ), collected in 1992-1993 among a multi-stage random sample of 21 - 64 years of age of the Dutch population, conducted under the joint direction of principal investigators Wout C. Ultee and Harry B.G. Ganzeboom, at the Department of Sociology at Nijmegen University. The survey contains data on: 1000 primary respondents who were interviewed in a mixed oral and self-administered questionnaire. 800 spouses of primary respondents interviewed at the same time with ( virtually ) the same instruments, followed by mail surveys of one randomly selected surviving parent and one random sibling of the primary respondent. Themes: Full account in life history format for both spouses of: educational history, including level and type / occupational history, including illness, unemployment/ occupation includes occupational title, industry, employment status, supervising status, hours worked, income at beginning and end of job spell / life history of non-labour force activities ( voluntary work, illness, unemployment ) / residential history, including housing history / marital history, including previous spouses. Detailed and elaborate social and cultural characteristics of the parental family of both spouses, including education, occupation, culture consumption, material consumption, transfer of income and property as reported by all respondent-groups. Lifestyle characteristics: consumption, cosmopolitan behaviour, media behaviour. Political attitudes and behaviour, voting behaviour, post-materialism. Religious attitudes and behaviour. Education and Occupation data for all siblings and all children as reported by primary respondents. Attitudes and behaviour regarding division of household-labour as reported by both spouses. Family-ties with parents / parental home situation / family formation / previous marital and cohabitational relationships / own, adopted and foster children / holiday spending / world orientation / leisure spending / television watching / religious beliefs / moral and political opinions ( income differences , suicide, abortion, euthanasia, social security system, taxes ) / detailed data on performance of household tasks / gender role perception / differences in opinions between partners. Themes not yet mentioned in mail-survey questionnaires: Parent-questionnaire: financial situation when child in primary school / interest in child's school performance / encouragement of child / helping child in secondary education with school matters / financial help of child / helping child with professional career / work ethics / cultural stimulation of child / attitudes on tv watching / teaching manners, civilities / importance of religion / political education of child / involvement in child's friendships and relations / household division of labour. Sibling-questionnaire: social contacts with other siblings . Overview of available files: P1245A: merged data of primary respondents and spouses, N=1800, original name: WULT9293.ADDSYS. P1245B: spouses only, N=801, original name: WULT9293.PSYS. P1245C: primary respondents only, N=1000, original name: WULT9293.RSYS. P1245D: parents, N=400, original name: WULTOUD93.SYS. P1245E: siblings,N=535, original name: WULTSIB93.SYS. P1245F: constructed summary variables resps or spouses, N=1000, original name: WULT9293.SUM1SYS. P1245G: constructed summary variables resps and spouses, N=1801, original name: WULT9293.SUM2SYS. Background variables: basic characteristics/ place of birth/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ characteristics of parental family/household/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ social class/ politics/ religion/ consumption of durables/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure/ organizational membership.

Also available in EASY: Familie-enquête Nederlandse bevolking / Family Survey Dutch Population 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2009.

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