Tussen minimum en modaal 1992-1996 Position and welfare of the employed with lower incomes 1992-1996


The effects of social levelling within the welfare state on the perception of the employed with lower incomes on their position and welfare. Way of contacting the respondent / number of employees working in the business where the respondent works / type of work: distasteful circumstances, irregular shifts, uncertain income, following courses for work in leisure time, financial risks, not enough people who want to do respondents job, experience and special qualifications are very important / respondent likes his job / for-against black economy, work on the side / frequency of work on the side in the Netherlands / acceptable earnings of work on the side in combination with job / respondent or member of household did ever work on the side / contacts with and size of circle of family, friends and acquaintances / any persons entitled to a benefit or immigrantse among the family, friends and acquaintances / identification with social group / persons entitled to a benefit or immigrants in the neighbourhood / active participation in a case of interest / ranking of activities in order of time spenditure / satisfaction about dwelling, social rights, health, education, respect of others, standard of living, possibilities for meeting people, neighbours, social position / statements about social injustice, about comparison of unemployed and employed with lower incomes / enough to say about work / work ethics / respondent had enough chances to get a fitting job / improvement of financial position of people with lower income / rights, duties and chances of unemployed / social benefits should rise-decline / abuse of social security benefits / preferential policy for immigrants / attitude towards immigrants / three most important social problems in the Netherlands / differences in income / actions in case of injustice of government / influence on political decisions / people living in poverty / detailed questions about personal and household income and spenditure / satisfaction with income / worrying about money / expectations about welfare of household, unemployment in the Netherlands, position of children in future / worrying about own future. Background variables: basic characteristics / housing situation / household characteristics / occupation / employment / income / capital assets / education / social class / politics / religion / organizational membership

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