Investigation of Miocene foraminifera in sediment core CRP-1 from the Ross Sea, Antarctica, supplement to: Strong, C Percy; Webb, Peter-Noel (1998): Lower Miocene foraminifera from CRP-1 drillhole. Terra Antartica, 5(3), 515-520

A faunal comprising 18 foraminiferal taxa wa recovered from a suite of 52 core samples from lower Miocene sandstone, claystone and diamictite in the CRP-1 drillhole, Cape Roberts, Antarctica. The fauna is characterised by low foraminiferal abundance and diversity, the absence of planktics, and typically, the presence of Cribroelphidium sp. and/or Melonis spp. These factors indicate deposition in an inner shelf or nearshore environment. Many of the foraminifers found in CRP-1 also occure in the upper Oligocene-Miocene sequences in CIROS-1 and DSDP-270, but the fauna provides no precise indication of age. Typical and distinctive species from CRP-1 are illustrated with SEM photomicrographs.

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Spatial Coverage (163.755 LON, -77.008 LAT); off Cape Roberts, Ross Sea, Antarctica
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