(Table, page 351-359) Chemical composition of manganese nodules and crusts from the Pacific and Indian Ocean, supplement to: Cronan, David S; Tooms, J S (1969): The geochemistry of manganese nodules and associated pelagic deposits from the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Deep Sea Research and Oceanographic Abstracts, 16(4), 335-359


Chemical and mineralogical analyses of manganese nodules from a large number of widely spaced localities in the Pacific and Indian Oceans have shown that their mineralogy and chemical composition varies both areally and with depth of formation. This is considered to result from a number of factors, important among which are: (a) their proximity to continental or volcanic sources of elements; (b) the chemical environment of deposition, including the degree of oxygenation; and (c) local factors such as the upward migration of reduced manganese in sediments from certain areas. Sub-surface nodules appear to share the chemical characteristics of their surface counterparts, especially those from volcanic areas where sub-surface sources of elements are probably important.

The samples were crushed by hand, ground to a fine powder and heated to 850°C.

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