ELODIE archive (Prugniel+, 2001)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The low-resolution archive (R=10000) The FITS files have one axis which is the wavelength (CTYPE1='WAVE-WAV'), scaled in units of 0.1nm (CUNIT='10**(-10)m'), with a step of 0.02nm. They contain 2 image-type extensions. The primary extension gives the fluxes (BTYPE='FLUX-PHY') above the atmosphere and normalized to continuum. The other image-type extension contains the corresponding detector noise, its EXTAME is 'NOISE'. Two other extensions contain the flux calibration relations (FCR) needed to convert the instrumental flux (BTYPE='FLUX-INS') into physical flux (ie. above atmosphere) (BTYPE='FLUX-PHY') and into continuum- normalized flux (BTYPE='FLUX-NOR'). The EXTNAME of these FCR are respectively 'FCANOR' and 'FCAPHY'. Explanations about the content of the FCR can be found in the documentation of Pleinpot available from Hypercat. The processing pipeline in the FITS archive of Hypercat allows the different conversions.

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