Readers' Digest survey of Europe today, 1969


Measuring the use and ownership of more than 200 consumer goods and services plus information about people and families and their attitudes over a wide range of topics in sixteen western European countries. Families, homes and possessions/ size and composition of households/ occupational structures/ family incomes/ educational backgrounds/ languages spoken and read/ religions/ types of accommodations/ amenities and tenure/ savings/ insurance / in the home labour-saving equipment/ kitchen equipment/ washing and cleaning / food and drink types of food and drink consumed, preferred / the leisure hours: television viewing/ involvement in various specific leisure activities, including adult education/ second home ownership/ pet ownership / transport and tourism automobile ownership/ holiday activities and travel / fashion attitudes to fashion/ amount spent on grooming aids/ cosmetics/ clothing/ wrist-watches / attitudes towards Europe, sense of well-being/ knowledge of and attitudes towards the Common Market and European Union/ national images and -perception/ identification of and attitudes towards various countries and their products / socio-cultural attitudes towards advertising/ the generation gap/ social tolerance ( class, sex, religion, colour etc. )/ attitudes towards law-breakers and social justice/ honesty and family relationships. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ social class/ religion/ consumption of durables

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Creator University of Essex, ESRC data archive * Colchester, Great Britain (primary investigator)
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Publication Year 2007
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Spatial Coverage United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland