Ingestion rate and egg production of copepods collected in the Turkish Strait during Bilim 2 cruise in April 2008


The copepod Ingestion on ciliates, phytoplankton and the copepod production dataset is based on samples taken during April 2008 in Dardanelles Straits, Marmara Sea and Bosporus Straits at the third priority stations. These experiments were set up according to DoW of Sesame project. Copepods for the experiments were obtained with slow non-quantitative tows from the upper 50 m layer of the water column using 200 µm mesh size nets fitted with a large non-filtering cod end. For the grazing experiments we used the following copepod species: Centropages typicus and Acartia clausi according to the relevant reference (Bamstedt et al. 2000). Copepod clearance rates on ciliates were calculated according to Frost equations (Frost 1972). Ingestion rates were calculated by multiplying clearance rates by the initial standing stocks (Bamstedt et al. 2000).Egg production rates of the dominant calanoid copepods were determined by incubation of fertilised females (eggs/female/day) collected in the 0-20m layer. Copepod egg production was measured for the copepods Centropages typicus and Acartia clausi. On board experiments for the estimation of copepod egg production were taken place. For the estimation of copepod production (mg/m**2/day), lengths (copepods and eggs) were converted to body carbon (Hopcroft et al., 1998) and production was estimated from biomass and weight-specific egg production rates, by assuming that those rates are representative for juvenile specific growth rates (Berggreen et al., 1988).

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