Pollen record from Blankensee, Germany, supplement to: Kleinmann, Angelika; Merkt, Josef; Müller, Helmut (2002): Sedimentologische und palynologische Untersuchungen an Ablagerungen des Siethener Sees und Blankensees (Brandenburg) - erste Ergebnisse (Sedimentological analysis and pollen record of the deposits from Lake Siethenener See and Lake Blankensee (NE Germany) - first results). Greifswalder Geographische Arbeiten; In: Kaiser, K. (Hrsg.) Die jungquartäre Fluß- und Seegenese in Norddeutschland. Beiträge zur Tagung in Hohenzieritz (Mecklenburg) vom 26.-28. Februar 2002, 26, 59-62

Lake Blankensee is filled with 14 m of late- and postglacial deposits, Lake Siethener See with 22,5 m. The lacustrine sedimentation begins in Lake Siethener See in the middle of the Alleröd with annual lamination which partly continues in the Younger Dryas. A 2 cm thick layer of the Laacher See tephra was found in both lakes, the Saksunarvatn tephra only in Lake Siethener See where the cool Rammelbeek-phase (Preboreal) could be shown. The youngest part of the sediment profiles is suspended drifting mud. Masses of Pediastrum (algae) indicate an increasing shoaling of Lake Blankensee after the Subboreal.

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