Geochemistry and isotopic ratios of basalts obtained during R/V Akademik Nikolaj Strakhov cruise ANS25, supplement to: Sushchevskaya, Nadezhda M; Peyve, Alexander A; Belyatsky, Boris V (2011): Magmatism of the junction region of the Knipovich and Mohns Ridges (Polar Atlantic): Results of cruise 25 of the R/V ''Akademik Nikolai Strakhov''. Geochemistry International, 49(1), 31-45


Based on the investigation of samples recovered during Cruise 25 of the R/V ''Akademik Nikolai Strakhov'', the character of magmatism was determined in the flank parts of the rift zone at the 74°05'N and 73°50'N region, where the direction of the rift valley changes from the north-northwest in the Knipovich Ridge to the northeast-trending structures of the Mohns Ridge. It was shown that the tholeiitic magmas of this region shows all the geochemical characteristics of TOR-2, which is typical of the Mohns Ridge and most oceanic rift zones worldwide, and differ from the basalts of the Knipovich Ridge, which are assigned to a shallower type of tholeiitic magmatism (Na-TOR). The persistent depletion of the magmas in terms of lithophile element contents and radiogenic isotope ratios of Sr, Nd, and Pb reflects the conditions of their formation during the ascent of the depleted oceanic mantle, which has occurred without significant complications since the early stages of the formation of the Mohns Ridge.

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