Pliocene stable oxygen and carbon isotope record of benthic foraminifera from ODP Site 138-846 in the eastern equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Shackleton, Nicholas J; Hall, Michael A; Pate, D (1995): Pliocene stable isotope stratigraphy of Site 864. In: Pisias, NG; Mayer, LA; Janecek, TR; Palmer-Julson, A; van Andel, TH (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 138, 337-355


Oxygen and carbon isotope ratios were measured in benthic foraminifers from the entire Pliocene and latest Miocene sections of Site 846, a 180-m section, at a sampling interval of 10 cm. This provides a temporal resolution of about 2500 yr. The documented continuity of the record is excellent. Using the time scale that was developed on the basis of orbital tuning of GRAPE density records, we observed a fairly constant phase relationship between delta18O and variations in the obliquity of Earth's rotational axis. A new numbering scheme for Pliocene isotope stages is proposed.

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