Kwaliteit van de quartaire sector, 2002 Quality of the Public Sector, 2002


Quality of education, health care, the police and judicial services and other public provisions in the Netherlands, both objectively and in the public perception. Themes: use of / waiting for general practitioner, medical specialist, hospital / opininion on quality, financing, organization and information of public health sector / perception of change in quality last five years in medical, mental, geriatric and handicapped health care / willingness to pay more for better care / quality of various sorts of education and perceived changes last five years / opininion on quality of, financing of , organization of and role of government and parents in public education / detailed evaluation of quality of school of one's own children / opinions on renting (in public sector) a house / ownership of house / quality of service by house owner / satisfaction with repairs / opinions on criminality / government actions / sufficient number of prison cells / severity of punishment / safety / police / judicial system / judges / rehabilitation / stricter immigration policy / victimization: burglary, theft , violence and thread of violence, robbery, vandalism / contacts with police and satisfaction with it / personal problem solving behaviour regarding public sector / quality of municipal services / work situation / quality of work / work satisfaction / type of employer / changing job-sector / social security system / type social benefit / satisfaction / errors or mistakes made / reintegration activities / main source of income.

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