Tab. I: Alkenon analyses on sample material of cores Krummland KR-1 und Dagebüll DA-1, supplement to: Schulz, Hartmut; Emeis, Kay-Christian; Winn, Kyaw; Erlenkeuser, Helmut (2001): Oberflächentemperaturen des Eem-Meeres in Schleswig-Holstein - die UK'37-Indizien. Meyniana, 53, 163-181

Geochemical studies of organic "biomarker" compounds were applied to Eemian sediments cored at Dagebuell (DA-1) on the west coast, and at Krummland (KR-1) in the east of the Baltic Zone of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 10 samples from the early stage of the Eemian Transgression to the high Eem at Krummland, and 24 samples from the peak and late phases of the Eemian at Dagebuell provide new insights on the development of the Eemian Sea in the region.C37-C39-ethyl- and methyl-ketones in the Krummland sediments indicated unstable conditions at the onset of the marine trangression, and freshwater influence in keeping with their shallow nearshore environment. In the Dagebuell deposits, patterns typical of marine to brackish conditions were observed, comparable to those found today in the Skagerrak and Belt Sea areas. The sea-surface temperatures estimated from the alkenone unsaturation ratio UK37 at DA-1 corroborate the evidence from "standard" faunal and pollen assemblages, and lithological successions. Here, the temperature maximum attained in pollen assemblage zone PAZ Illc, indicates the early onset of very warm conditions, preceding the highest sea level of the penultimate interglacial by 8,000 years, based on previously published U/Th ages.

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Spatial Coverage (8.714W, 54.433S, 9.717E, 54.734N); Krummland, Dänischer Wohld, östliches Hügelland, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany