Long-term moorings observations in the southwestern Rockall Trough (Logachev cold-water coral mound province)


Two long-term moorings were deployed in the Logachev mound province from May 2017-May 2018 recording physical parameters and collecting particle fluxes. Moorings were deployed on the relatively shallow Rockall Bank and the deep Oreo Mound. In addition, CTD water-profiling was conducted during Pelagia cruise 64PE420 in May 2017 and Pelagia cruise 64PE436 in May 2018.

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Creator Korte, Laura F; Schulz, Kirstin; Mienis, Furu; van Oevelen, Dick; Mohn, Christian; Reichart, Gert-Jan; Duineveld, Gerard C A
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Publication Year 2020
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