(Table 2) Rates of nitrate and ammonium uptake, concentrations of particulate organic nitrogen and carbon, and dissolved nitrate and ammonium in waters of the Black Sea August-September 1990 and November 1991, supplement to: Krivenko, O V; Lukjanova, A L (1994): Inorganic nitrogen uptake by Black Sea microplankton in connection with hydro chemical conditions. Translated from Okeanologiya, 1994, 34(2), 232-239, Oceanology, 34(2), 206-213


To study inorganic nitrogen uptake rates by microplankton in the Black Sea the first 15N-experiments were carried out in August-September 1990 and in November 1991. In surface waters nitrate uptake rates varied from 5.7 to 28.5 nM/l/h in summer and from 1.9 to 7.8 nM/l/h in autumn. In both seasons maximal and minimal rates were observed in frontal zones of shelf/slope areas and in open waters, respectively. In summer average nitrate uptake rate per unit of particulate organic nitrogen was 0.0037 1/h for all stations. In autumn it varied from 0.0007 1/h in the central part of the sea to 0.0033 1/h in the slope near the southeastern Crimean coast. In autumn ammonium uptake rate varied from 7.1 to 22.2 nM/l/h and from 0.0025 to 0.00094 1/h. Ammonium uptake correlated linearly with nitrate uptake, with new production being 22-36% of total summary nitrate and ammonium uptake. There was a linear correlation between nitrogen uptake and chlorophyll a concentrations in the Black Sea. In the water column in autumn both nitrate and ammonium uptake decreased as chlorophyll a concentration diminishes with depth.

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