Major element composition of the atmospheric mineral dust extracted from the Talos Dome ice core sections


The age of the samples ranges between 1.9 Kyr BP and 32.9 Kyr BP (AICC2012 chronology). The following time periods are highlighted: Holocene (from present to 11.7 Kyr BP), the last deglaciation (from 11.7 to 18 Kyr BP) and the last glacial maximum (from 18 to 32 Kyr BP).

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Creator Baccolo, Giovanni; Delmonte, Barbara; Albani, Samuel; Baroni, Carlo; Cibin, Giannantonio; Frezzotti, Massimo; Hampai, Dariush; Marcelli, Augusto; Revel, Marie; Salvatore, Maria Cristina; Stenni, Barbara; Maggi, Valter
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