The global water resources and use model WaterGAP v2.2d - Standard model output


Assessing global freshwater resources and human water demand is of value for a number of needs but challenging. The global water use and water availability model WaterGAP is in development since 1996 and serves a range of applications and topics as such as Life Cycle Assessments, a better understanding of terrestrial water storage variations (e.g., jointly with satellite observations), water (over)use and consequently depletion of water resources, as well as model evaluation and model development. In the paper connected to this dataset, the newest model version, WaterGAP 2.2d is described by providing the water balance equations, insights to input data used and typical model applications. The most important and requested model outputs (total water storage variations, streamflow and water use) are evaluated against observation data. Standard model output is described and the reader is guided to the location where those data can be downloaded. Caveats of specific output data and an overview of model applications as well as an outlook of future model development lines are presented as well.

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Creator Müller Schmied, Hannes; Cáceres, Denise; Eisner, Stephanie; Flörke, Martina; Herbert, Claudia; Niemann, Christoph; Peiris, Thedini Asali; Popat, Eklavyya; Portmann, Felix Theodor; Reinecke, Robert; Shadkam, Somayeh; Trautmann, Tim; Döll, Petra
Publisher PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Publication Year 2020
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