Profiles of iron concentration from GoFlow bottles during the CARUSO-EISENEX experiment, supplement to: Nishioka, Jun; Takeda, Shigenobu; de Baar, Hein J W; Croot, Peter L; Boyé, Marie; Laan, Patrick; Timmermans, Klaas R (2005): Changes in the concentration of iron in different size fractions during an iron enrichment experiment in the open Southern Ocean. Marine Chemistry, 95(1-2), 51-63


An in situ iron enrichment experiment was carried out in the Southern Ocean Polar Frontal Zone and fertilized a patch of water within an eddy of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (EisenEx, Nov. 2000). During the experiment, a physical speciation technique was used for iron analysis in order to understand the changes in iron distribution and size-fractionations, including soluble Fe (0.2 µm), throughout the development of the phytoplankton bloom.

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Creator Laan, Patrick;Boyé, Marie;Timmermans, Klaas R;Takeda, Shigenobu;Croot, Peter L;de Baar, Hein J W;Nishioka, Jun
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Publication Year 2005
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