Ambtscriminaliteit aangegeven?

Study into compliance with and knowledge about the legal obligation to re-port crimes under Article 162 of the Penal Code. The situation in which a civil servant finds out that a colleague has been or is being bribed by a construction company is a good example of a form of civil service crime to which the legal obligation to report applies. This legal obligation to report results from Article 162 of the Penal Code. Partly because of parliamentary questions about this legal obligation to report, the need has arisen to gain insight into the value of this leg-islative article and to explore whether the present form of the legal obligation to report is satisfactory. Moreover, since the Dutch Cabinet has indicated its intention to pro-mote attention for recognizing, signalling and reporting corruption, the Dutch Scientific Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Justice has commissioned Beke Consultancy and Research to conduct a study into the way the civil servants’ legal obligation to report functions.

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Creator Vries Robbé, E. de (Advies- en Onderzoeksgroep Beke); Cornelissens, A. (Advies- en Onderzoeksgroep Beke); Ferwerda, H. (Advies- en Onderzoeksgroep Beke); Ministerie van Justitie - WODC
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