Master X-Ray Catalog

The XRAY database table contains selected parameters from almost all HEASARC X-ray catalogs that have source positions located to better than a few arcminutes. The XRAY database table was created by copying all of the entries and common parameters from the tables listed in the Component Tables section. The XRAY database table has many entries but relatively few parameters; it provides users with general information about X-ray sources, obtained from a variety of catalogs. XRAY is especially suitable for cone searches and cross-correlations with other databases. Each entry in XRAY has a parameter called 'database_table' which indicates from which original database the entry was copied; users can browse that original table should they wish to examine all of the parameter fields for a particular entry. For some entries in XRAY, some of the parameter fields may be blank (or have zero values); this indicates that the original database table did not contain that particular parameter or that it had this same value there. The HEASARC in certain instances has included X-ray sources for which the quoted value for the specified band is an upper limit rather than a detection. The HEASARC recommends that the user should always check the original tables to get the complete information about the properties of the sources listed in the XRAY master source list.

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