Geochemical composition of sediment samples from Krasnov field in the Mid Atlantic Ridge, supplement to: Rusakov, Valery Yu; Kuzmina, Tatyana G; Roshchina, I A; Shilov, V V (2012): Accumulation history of the metalliferous and ore-bearing sediments of the Krasnov Hydrothermal Field (MAR 16°38N) for last 80 ka: Part II. Geochemistry International, 50(3), 246-271


This paper is dedicated to the geochemical studies of two bottom sediment cores that were taken during cruise 28 of the R/V Professor Logachev in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) 16°38'N area in 2006. The chemical compositions of background metalliferous and ore (ore-bearing) carbonate sediments are presented and inter-element correlations are examined. Individual episodes are distinguished in the accumulation history of the ore-bearing and metalliferous sediments on the basis of element factor analysis.

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Creator Shilov, V V;Roshchina, I A;Rusakov, Valery Yu;Kuzmina, Tatyana G
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