Nuker law fits of radio galaxies


We present Nuker law fits of brightness profiles of a number of radio galaxies that were observed with the HST. The data on B2 radio galaxies were described in Capetti et al. (2000A&A...362..871C), while a number of 3C galaxies with FR II radio structure were taken from the HST archive. The profiles are compared with other samples of early type galaxies, taken from the literature. We find that radio galaxies always have "core"-type profiles, i.e. a shallow profile in the inner part of the galaxy, while radio-quiescent ellipticals may either have "core"-type or "power-law" type profiles.

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Creator De Ruiter H.R.; Parma P.; Capetti A.; Fanti R.; Morganti R.; Santantonio L.
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Contributor International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA)
Publication Year 2005
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