MIFARE Study – Migrants’ Welfare State Attitudes MIFARE Survey


The MIFARE survey was designed to focus on immigrants who migrated to the receiving country at an age of 16 years or older. The MIFARE survey has been conducted in three countries: Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. All three countries have the opportunity to sample from population registers, including migrants. The opportunity to sample randomly from the registers enables us to test for representativeness of the survey, to approach migrant groups that are smaller in number, and guarantees comparable designs in the three countries. We propose to sample migrants from the age of 18 and older, and a native control group (to be able to compare between migrants and natives also for the questions specifically developed for the proposed survey). We choose 4 intra-EU origin countries and 6 extra-EU origin countries, including the most numerous migrant populations: Poland, Romania, Spain and the UK for the intra-EU origin countries. As extra-EU origin countries, we select China (mainland only, excluding Hong Kong), Japan, Turkey, the Philippines (not in Germany due to sampling issues), Russia, and the US. China and Turkey are the only countries not included in either the ISSP or ESS.

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