(Table 1) Carbon and nitrogen chemistry of ODP Hole 183-1138A, supplement to: Meyers, Philip A; Yum, Jong-Gwon; Wise, Sherwood W (2009): Origins and maturity of organic matter in mid-Cretaceous black shales from ODP Site 1138 on the Kerguelen Plateau. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 26(6), 909-915


We have conducted elemental, isotopic, and Rock-Eval analyses of Cenomanian-Santonian sediment samples from ODP Site 1138 in the southern Indian Ocean to assess the origin and thermal maturity of organic matter in mid-Cretaceous black shales found at this high-latitude location. Total organic carbon (TOC) concentrations range between 1 and 20 wt% in black to medium-gray sediments deposited around the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary. Results of Rock-Eval pyrolysis indicate that the organic matter is algal Type II material that has experienced modest alteration. Important contributions of nitrogen-fixing bacteria to the amplified production of organic matter implied by the high TOC concentrations is recorded in d15N values between -5 and 1 per mil , and the existence of a near-surface intensified oxygen minimum zone that favored organic carbon preservation is implied by TOC/TN ratios between 20 and 40. In contrast to the marine nature of the organic matter in the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary section, deeper sediments at Site 1138 contain evidence of contributions land-derived organic matter that implies the former presence of forests on the Kerguelen Plateau until the earliest Cenomanian.

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