Film programming Antwerp Bari Ghent Gothenburg Leicester Rotterdam 1952 Collaborative research initiative

This data collection presents a fully harmonized data set originating in several research projects on post-war cinema programming. The collection consists of data of feature films screened for public viewing in cinemas in the cities Bari (Italy), Antwerp and Ghent (Belgium), Gothenburg (Sweden), Leicester (United Kingdom) and Rotterdam (Netherlands) for the year 1952.

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Creator Pafort-Overduin, C. (Universiteit Utrecht); Boter, J. (Vrije Universiteit / Universiteit van Amsterdam); Oort, T. van (Universiteit van Amsterdam / Oxford Brookes University); Lotze, K. (Oxford Brookes University); Jernudd, A. (Örebro University); Vijver, L. Van De (Oxford Brookes University); Treveri Gennari, D. (Oxford Brookes University); Ercole, P. (De Montfort University); Meers, P. (University of Antwerp); Biltereyst, D. (Ghent University); Porubcanska, T. (University of Antwerp); Kisjes, I. (University of Amsterdam)
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Publication Year 2019
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Discipline Humanities;History
Spatial Coverage Europe: Bari (Italy), Antwerp and Ghent (Belgium), Gothenburg (Sweden), Leicester (United Kingdom) and Rotterdam (Netherlands)