Assessment of zooplankton at the site of the sinking of the N.R.P. "S. Miguel"

The parameters that were considered as being able to give indications about the state of zooplanktonic populations were the abundance (biovolume) and the specific and population structures of the epi- (living in the 0 to 150 meters deep) and mesoplanktonic (living in the layer from 150 to 1000 meters deep). The abundance (biovolume) as well as the specific and population structures of epi- (living in 0 to 150 meter depth) and mesoplanktonic (living in 150 to 1000 meter depth) communities were used to assess the condition of zooplanktonic populations.

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Publication Year 2022
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Discipline Marine Science
Spatial Coverage (-180.000W, -90.000S, 180.000E, 90.000N)
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