Evaluatie van de Wet Voorzieningen Gehandicapten : Derde Meting: Panelenquête 1999-2000 en Wvg-Scan 1998-2000 Evaluation of the Provisions for the Handicapped Act : Third Wave: Panelsurvey 1999-2000 and Wvg-Scan 1998-2000

Evaluation of the Act concerning the provision of amenities for the handicapped (WVG) dated 1994 as implemented on the municipal level. Both qualitative and quantitative data were gathered. This is the most recent wave of a much larger evaluation project. Other parts are not available from the Steinmetz Archive. Policy of the municipality towards handicapped persons in general / cooperation with other organisations to execute the WVG / registration of the housing stock for handicapped persons / assignment of transportation facilities for handicapped persons / application of the personal budget facilities (Persoonsgebonden Budget) within the frame work of the WVG / quality control of personnel and suppliers of appliances / number of staffmembers within the framework of the WVG / policy concerning adjusting houses, and compensation of removal expenses / policy concerning financial contributions by handicapped persons to certain facilities (Eigen bijdrage) / WVG-expenses / number of allowances, and no. handicapped persons that made use of the WVG

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Publication Year 2000
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