Sociaal-culturele ontwikkelingen in Nijmegen 2003

Survey among the inhabitants of Nijmegen.

Age and sex of respondent, whether respondent and-or respondent's parents were born in the Netherlands / occupational status / history of r.'s occupational status / number of working hours / education / marital status / background variables of r.'s partner / religious affiliation and church attendance / r.'s opinion about car advertising / health and health care / watching tv / reading newspapers and books / background variables of parents / cultural influences and living conditions when repondent was between 12 and 15 years old / political issues like party preference and voting behaviour / income / r.'s opinion about organ donation and social security issues / feeling attracted to eastern philosophies / philosophy of life / opinions concerning tv programs / trust in news on tv or in newspapers / trust in journalists / opinion about the value of literature / importance of thinking / ranking of political goals / opinion about gender roles

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