Sociale positie en voorzieningengebruik van allochtonen 2002 - SPVA 2002 Social position, and use of welfare facilities by immigrants 2002 - SPVA 2002

This longitudinal survey concentrates on the socio-economic and socio-cultural position of the four largest ethnic minority groups in the Netherlands: Turks, Moroccans, Surinamese and Antillians/Arubans. It can also give insight in the differences between those groups, and a comparison in time. The survey is accomplished in cooperation with the Netherlands Kinship Panel Study (NKPS). This study covers a wide range of topics. Education: in Netherlands or abroad, how many years, level and type / now following education / education of parents Work: kind of work, how long with this company, how got this job / training, promotion / supervising position / work with Dutch people or own ethnic group / ever been unemployed / if not working, why, looking for work. Income: net income, does r. get any benefit (unemployment, old age, study, WAO) / income enough to live off / send money or goods to home country, how many people dependent. Health: how is health, how often visit GP. Language: speak Dutch with spouse, children / trouble with Dutch language in conversation, reading newspapers, letters Nationality: which / kind of papers allow r. to live in the Netherlands / what group do you consider yourself part of, do you think the position of this group has changed for the better or worse in the recent years, own position. Social: is r. member of a (sports) club, many or few members of same ethnic group / does r. have Dutch visitors, spend more time with Dutch people or own ethnic group / would r. like to move back to home country, why (not). Religion: which, same religion as brought up in / importance / how often visit church. Neighbourhood: contact with neighbours / feel at home in neighbourhood / foreigners in neighbourhood. Opinions on: Importance of education for boys and girls / illegal work / divorce / respect for authorities, parents / euthanasia / death penalty / punishment / sex / relations / best age for woman to marry, get first child, what size of family is best / role of mother and father in providing, care, decisions. Born in which country, mother, father, r., spouse / age / how many people in household, married, living together / how many children, living at home / what age left parent's house / what year came to live in the Netherlands, why / have lived outside the Netherlands after moving here, how long, why.

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