Ramat Hanadiv LTSER Platform - Israel

The Ramat Hanadiv LTSER platform is a unique texture of the region surrounding Hanadiv Valley and Taninim River basin. It integrates nature values with agriculture, rural communities, and heritage sites. The platform extends over an area of apprx. 15,500 hectares, including Ramat Hanadiv Nature Park and five neighboring municipal Councils: 1. Binyamina Givat-Ada (Urban; Local Council ) 2. Zikhron Ya’akov (Urban; Local Council ) 3. Hof Hacarmel (Rural; Regional Council) 4. Jisr A-Zarqa )Arab village; Local Council) 5. Alona (Rural; Regional Council) Ramat Hanadiv LTER site is located in the heart of the platform, at the southern tip of the Carmel Mountain Ridge. Ramat Hanadiv spreads over approximately 450 hectares of typical natural Mediterranean vegetation, surrounding the Memorial Gardens in which Baron Benjamin Edmond de Rothschild and his wife are buried. With mean annual rainfall of 500-600 mm and mean annual temperature of 170C-190C, Ramat Hanadiv Nature Park is characterized by diverse habitats and communities.

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