The Dutch Ethnic Minority Study 2021 has been an enterprise of the Foundation of Electoral Studies in The Netherlands (Stichting Kiezers Onderzoek Nederland; SKON) and Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The DEMES 2021 has been made possible by grants from the Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations (ODDISSEI), the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and Radboud University’s Radboud Social and Cultural Research (RSCR).

The Dutch Ethnic Minority Election Study (DEMES) is the first Dutch election study among a representative sample of Dutch citizens with a first or second generation migration background from Africa, Asia (excl. Indonesia and Japan) and Latin-America. DEMES is part of Dutch Parliamentary Election Study (DPES) 2021, that is collected during the Dutch parliamentary elections of 2021. The goal of DPES is to provide answers to questions related to the Dutch parliamentary elections. Some of these questions are about political behavior and preferences of Dutch citizens with a migration background. Since this group turned out to be underrepresented in DPES studies around earlier elections, DEMES targeted ethnic minority voters in particular to reach sufficient numbers to study the group(s). Some specific questions are included that relate to immigrant voting in particular (such as questions related to perceived discrimination, country of origin relations and questions on the party NIDA, that were not included in the general DPES survey). Overall, the questionnaire that was issues mirrors the DPES questionnaire. It is therefore possible to merge DEMES with the DPES2021 data.

The DEMES 2021 survey consists of two rounds: a pre-election survey (between January 26 and March 14) and a post-election survey (between March 18 and May 17), similar period as the DPES data.

This dataset was updated with the files from the December 2022 v2.0 release and republished on January 30th, 2023. The files from the v2.0 version are found in the subfolder '2022-12_v2''.

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