Shared Action for Breaking through Apathy (SABA) The development, pilot and evaluation of a psychosocial intervention for (in)formal caregivers to reduce apathy in people with dementia living in nursing homes in the Netherlands

In an action research project the psychosocial intervention SABA was developed with people with dementia living in nursing homes in the Netherlands, their informal and formal caregivers. For this purpose, (focusgroup)interviews were held to gather information on people's view on apathy and their needs in helping people with dementia and apathy. Topic guides of these interviews are uploaded (fase 1). During the first COVID-19 lockdown we gathered information on the effect of the lockdown measures on apathy in people with dementia, by interviewing formal caregivers. The topic guide of these interviews is uploaded (fase 2). After this, a pilot was performed, followed by a process evaluation for which informal and formal caregivers were interviewed. The topic guides are uploaded (fase 3). Once the qualitative data are analysed in Atlas.ti and published, the lists of codes and themes will be uploaded as well.

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