The Amsterdam Town Council, 1578-1795

This dataset is based on the (published) source 'De Vroedschap van Amsterdam 1578-1795' (The Town Council of Amsterdam) by J.E. Elias (1905). The aim of the project was to investigate the research possibilities of the historical data contained in this source. Only a part of the source has been digitised: the first 250 pages concerning 76 Amsterdam town councillors, 1578-1600. The dataset consists of ten files dealing with personal details (name, place of birth etc.). Other variables concern data on children, marriage, fortune, occupation, position, council years, place of residence, estate and title. This dataset was created by students of the postgraduate course Historical Information Processing at Leiden University.

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Creator European Social Fund/DABURH, Department of History, Leiden University
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Contributor Diederiks, H.A.; Hellinga, O.; H.A. Diederiks (research initiator); O. Hellinga (data collector)
Publication Year 2007
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