Biomarker, bulk parameter, XRF data of sediment core MSM12/2-5-1 from the Labrador Sea


The data originates from the gravity core MSM12/2-5-1 (57.538500, -48.738700, recovery 1494 cm, 3492 m water depth) taken during R/V Maria S. Merian cruise MSM12/2 in 2009 in the eastern Labrador Sea (Eirik Drift). The data should provide more precise information on the timing and duration of freshwater forcing, which may help to improve simulations for past and future changes in ocean circulation and climate. We have investigated the very well-dated and high-resolution sediment core from the Eirik Drift, representing an interval from the last deglaciation to Holocene, i.e., the last 19 ka. Four meltwater-related cold events have been identified by abrupt changes in sea surface characteristics, which are based on independent multiple biomarker proxies, including sea-ice proxy IP25 and phytoplankton biomarker IP25 index (PIP25) for sea ice cover, the alkenone unsaturation index for sea surface temperature (SST), and the percentage of tetra-unsaturated alkenones (%C37:4) for meltwater inflow, and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) scanning data. Furthermore, sortable silt mean size has been used to reflect changes in bottom current intensity.In conclusion, our study could improve our understanding of the impact of meltwater injection into subpolar regions on abrupt climate changes during the last glacial termination. Furthermore, the data support modelling results that higher frequency and amplitude of abrupt changes may occur during the transition states from background climates. We found that meltwater pulses following collapse of the Laurentide Ice Sheet and/or Greenland Ice Sheet might have triggered millennial-scale abrupt changes in surface freshening and sea ice concentrations in the Labrador Sea, as well as cooling atmospheric temperatures.

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